Revolutionary Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management 

Detect – Classify – Monitor – Defend

Asset Discovery

From a handful of devices to hundreds of thousands. CyAmast gives a complete real-time asset inventory that scales without limits

Device Classification

Agnostic to device type, manufacturer, and even encryption, CyAmast passively detects, classifies, and profiles behaviour of new & existing devices

Continuous Monitoring

CyAmast performs passive real-time monitoring for complete visibility and device behavioral-context to provide better intelligence

Analysis and Action

CyAmast gives you the information you need to detect and protect anomalous behaviours before they are fully executed

The Transparency and Insight You Need

The CyAmast platform provides unprecedented visibility and forensic intelligence. By tracking the profiles of individual or groups of devices, the CyAmast reporting functionality can identify abnormalities and rogue activities faster and more accurately than any solution on the market.

CyAmast discovers all active devices on the network. Once discovered, it uses patented machine learning ‘models’ to classify the devices, like CCTV cameras by make and type. Once discovered and classified, a device inventory is kept and automatically updated.

CyAmast is changing the way networks are secured. I look forward to seeing how they catalyse the full power of more integrated digital networks by providing a more robust asset management and security solution. It’s very early days in the emerging and complex space of CAASM, but I believe CyAmast and their unique approach to be well-placed to ensure the safety of all networks – from tiny LANs to enterprise – as digital transformation fulfils its global promise, and helps usher in a more empowered world.

Paul Barrett

Director, IPG

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How CyAmast Works

Every security solution on the market relies on signature-based analysis where the system looks for pattern matches. They just look for a match in any elements of network traffic that have already been catalogued.

CyAmast has evolved beyond this limited approach, and without needing to limit any operational capabilities. We look at the behaviour of network traffic flows of each device to create a unique profile. This is less resource-intensive, and more secure, and more reliable than competing methods.

Get the Full Picture

See every device on your network and know that it’s secure and operational.

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