Step into the CAASM – Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management.

As digital transformation and hyper connectivity continues to accelerate, traditional security approaches are falling short of expectations in addressing the ever-growing complexity of cyber threats.

Business environments are evolving and new system architectures are being deployed to accommodate dynamic operational models and working conditions. The result of this has been an increasingly large attack surface to defend, a more sophisticated adversary and a remarkable 600% increase in cybercrime since the start of the pandemic.

The changing network landscape and expanding attack surface means that it has never been a more important time to know what you have and what it’s doing than now. Which is why many IT decision makers their eye on the emerging domain of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Managing often outdated inventories has proven difficult in the past because of the changing landscape. IT networks are no longer static and easy to manage environments they used to be. The diversity of IT, IoT/OT, VM’s and cloud assets makes managing and defending an expansive attack surface against cybercriminals more and more difficult.

The foundation of any cyber security program should be a complete asset inventory because “you can’t protect what you don’t know have” The unique and scalable approach CyAmast brings gives you the ability to obtain full real-time visibility over your entire IT/IoT/OT asset estate so that your cyber-attack surface can be managed.

Agentless Real-time Asset Intelligence and Network Risk Management

CyAmast has pioneered a new approach to obtaining complete network visibility. Through a unique combination of real-time traffic flow analysis and selective packet processing, you can visualise your entire IT/IoT/OT estate within hours – completely passively and without the need to install any agents.


Asset Behavioural Context & Actionable Insights

Rather than performing network scans CyAmast identifies, profiles, models, and monitors the behaviour of networked devices continuously. Because the data is in real-time, security teams are able to uncover vulnerabilities, rogue devices, or misconfigurations that violate your organizational policies in as they occur.


Seamless integration

The CyAmast solution integrates seamlessly with your traditional security systems such as SIEM/NAC/Firewalls. The insights and outputs from CyAmast plug the holes and compliment your existing technology stack so your armed with the complete picture.